0.3 Manual Focusing USB Endoscope Camera

0.3 Manual Focusing USB Endoscope Camera

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Product Details

Item No: USB6605				
Part Name: 0.3 Manual Focusing USB Endoscope Camera
Pixels: 0.3 Mega Pixels			
Zoom: 200X				
Focus: manual focusing			
Focal Distance: 10mm to infinity			
Frequency: 30fps@VGA			
Outer Diameter of Lens: 8.5mm			
Outer Diameter of Snake Tube: 5.5mm		
Standard Length of Snake Tube: 550mm		
Standard Length of USB Line: 1500mm		
Waterproof Standard for Camera Module: IPX67	
Light Source: 4 white LED lights(brightness adjustable)	
Effective Lighting Distance: 400mm		
Camera Power Supply: 5V, 150mA		
LED Power Supply: 5V, 30mA			
Working temperature:-10~70 centigrade	
Image Format: JPG				
Video Format: AVI, ASF			
Interface: USB2.0				
Packaging: Graphic Carton			
Weight: 0.55Kg				
Dimension of Single Packaging: (L×W×H)265*195*58mm
Dimension of Outer Packaging: (L×W×H)465×270×400mm
Gross Weight/Carton Weight: 10Kg		
Packing Material: Carton
BKD # 622408

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