1 points 32 fiber optic fiber box

1 points 32 fiber optic fiber box

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Ningbo Dongda Communication Technology Co., Ltd. FTTH optical cable box
Ningbo Dongda communication is located in Cixi City, Henghe Industrial Park, the brand: blue channel technology; factory specializing in the production of various separation box, optical splitter box, from the core range of 6 to 72; the separation box of FTTH used in the optical scheme of branch cable, when the user policy into the end of melting straight, like an installation in the corridor and electric poles.
If a two stage scheme requires the use of a light splitter, a multi beam fiber splitter can be slotted in the box, and a 2-4 beam splitter is installed for the distribution cable and the home indoor cable connection point, which is suitable for the optical access network. Box wall or pole installation, suitable for indoor and outdoor two scenes used; through the SC brand light fast connector connected to outdoor armored cable and home indoor cable connection and scheduling.
Product brief:
Product overview:
The utility model can be arranged on the outdoor wall and the position of the electric pole to complete the connection, and the distribution function of the cable is convenient, and the arrangement of the light splitter and the light function can be satisfied.
Product features:
1. Outer wall wall, pole type selection.
2. Box material adopts high quality SMC material, the appearance of spraying, gloss is good. Over 20 years of service life.
Three. It integrates welding, lighting and distribution. It can realize cable connection and direct investment.
4. The utility model has the advantages of convenient operation and reasonable structure.
5. Fixed cable, grounding convenient, enough terminal box space.
6, the use of turning plate structure, high-density configuration of ports and lighting facilities.
7. The double-layer structure is designed, and the upper layer is an optical branching device wiring layer, and the lower layer is an optical fiber welding layer;
8. The light splitting module is designed with a drawer type module, which has strong interchangeability and versatility;
Three: the main technical parameters (according to standard / t988-2007 communication cable box requirements)
1: operating temperature: 40 degrees, 70 degrees;
2: storage temperature: 40 degrees Celsius, 70 degrees celsius;
Humidity: less than 90% 3: (+ 30 C);
4: atmospheric pressure: 62kpa ~ 106kpa;
5: insulation resistance: the insulation resistance between the grounding device and the metal part of the shell is not less than 2x104m ohm / 500V (DC);
6: withstand voltage: grounding voltage between the grounding device and the metal is not less than 3000V (DC) / 1 minutes;
7: insertion loss: IL = 0.3dB (PC); IL = 0.3dB (type APC);
8:: RL = 40dB return loss (PC); RL = 50dB (UPC); RL = 60dB (type APC);
9: interchangeability: less than 0.2dB.
10: grounding voltage level is not less than 3000V (DC) / 1min, no breakdown, no arc.
Two, performance indicators
Basic operating temperature: 40 degrees + 70 degrees;
Basic storage temperature: 40~70 DEG c;
Basic humidity: less than 90% (+ 30 degrees);
Basic atmospheric pressure: 62kpa ~ 106kpa;
Basic: insulation resistance between grounding device and metal component, insulation resistance is not less than 2x104m / 500V (DC);
Basic: the high voltage between the grounding device and the high voltage case is not less than 3000V (DC) / 1 minutes;
The basic insertion loss is IL = 0.3dB (PC); IL = 0.3dB (type APC);
Basic return loss: RL = 40dB (PC); RL = 50dB (UPC); RL = 60dB (type APC);
Basic interchangeability: less than 0.2dB.
Three. Function description
The basic box adopts high quality engineering plastics. It has good sealing performance and weather resistance. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor wall and column installation. The protection level can reach IP55 grade;
The basic indoor special cable is fixed to ensure the pullout resistance of Indoor cables is not less than 20n;
The basic quick connection hole is special, and the indoor cable terminal quick joint can be carried out in the box body, and the quick joint terminal operation is more convenient;
The basic reliable armored cable introduction, fixing, stripping and grounding protection device, the most fixed 2 outdoor armored cable
The design of the plate structure makes full use of the space of the box, ensures the sufficient bending radius of the fiber, and allows the user to reserve appropriate redundant optical fibers and reasonable optical fibers.
It adopts high quality cold rolled steel plate, waterproof powder and electrostatic spraying;
The door adopts high quality outdoor waterproof lock box with quick wall installation and convenient installation;
Support all kinds of optical fiber connector management, such as SC, LC, ST, MT-RJ and so on;
The utility model can realize the storage, the maintenance and the maintenance of the optical cable repeatedly.

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