12mm thick steel plate hot rolled S45C mild steel

12mm thick steel plate hot rolled S45C mild steel

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12mm thick steel plate hot rolled S45C mild steel 
1.Specifications of ASTM Steel Plate 
    Round bar 
  Diameter(mm)	       Length (mm)	  
    20~800	                3000~5800	  
  Thickness(mm)	    Width (mm)	     Length (mm)
    Max:800	            1600~2300	      3000~5800
2.Chemical compositon(%) 
     C	                Si	      Mn	     Cr	    Ni	          Cu  	    S	             P
 0.42~0.50	  0.17~0.37   0.5~0.8   max0.25  max0.3	max0.25	max0.035	max0.035
Nice machanical porpertys and worse  hardenability,so, it is used for machine parts

5.Application of ASTM Steel Plate 
1): Can be used in many fields such as building, automobile, shipbuilding, 
petrochemical, machinery, medicine, food, electric power, energy, space, building 
and decoration, etc.  
2): Can be made into mould template, mortise pin, column.
3): This kind of steel have good mechanical property, is widely used in structural parts 
which may support stress alternation, especially made into some connecting 
rods, bolts, wheel gear...
4): This kind of steel is the most common blanks and materials of shaft part.

1.All products must through the following quality tests to meet
   you requirments!
 100% Ultrasonic according to the test standards:SEP1921-84.
The flaw detection is ASTM A388 / API 6A PSL3 or  SEP1921 /API 6A PSL3.
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