12V NiMH Battery AA with Capacity 1800mAh

12V NiMH Battery AA with Capacity 1800mAh

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Newhop Battery Co., Ltd.
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Block11, Aokang Industrial Zone, Dalang, Longhua, shenzhen, guangdong, 518109, China
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Product Details

Major Features:
1)Friendly to the environment: No Cadmium, Mercury effect, Lead
2)No memory effect
3)Low internal resistance
4)Long cycle life: More than 500 -1000 cycles under normal use
5)Low self-discharge character

Our advantage
Excellent staff team
Prefect company system and a steady financial condition
Strong production
Fast delivery
Good after-sale service
High-quality and competitive price
Large consumer group, can bring you large profits as well
Digital camera, RC cars, RC boats, cordless phones, two-way radio, emergency light, portable DVD, digital camera, power tools, medical equipment etc.

The battery packed by small case and then put into solid outter carton, prompt delivery will be support. We can
Suppy all related delivery documents for battery shipping.
Custom packaging-Client special requirement for packaging will be adpoted.
About Factory:

Experience-We have more than 10 years of experience to manufacture NiCd&NiMH battery cell and pack, the factory passed ISO 9001: 2008 certi...

Strict process management and control-Each process for making battery were under strict management
And control, all of the battery were under full inspection before delivery.

Good after sale service-Support prompt shipment and sample quality products, track the cargo in time after delivery. More than one year Guarantee, we will give instrcuction for how to use our products.
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