1E1BBPCM30 Multiplexer

1E1BBPCM30 Multiplexer

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1. 1E1 PCM30 MULTIPLEXER access PCM30 optic-electrical equipment-BBPCM30 realizes the integrated aceess of various operation into one 2M interface.
2. Multi-service E1 channel is application in transmitting the telephone signal, RS232, RS422/485 data, NX64K V. 35 data, 10/100Base-T data, and so on.
3. BBPCM is equipped with optical interface, which can be connected with fiber to complete the transmission of 30 channels of V. 35 data, various voice telephone and Ethernet on the optical cable

Feature and configuration:
1. BBPCM is equipped with optical interface
2. Transmitting NX64k v. 35 signal and NX64K Ethernet signal simultaneously
3. The front panel connected to the main shelf with magnetic button can be easily opened
4. All interface cards hot-swappable and replacement which make it convenient for maintenance, extension and upgrade.
5. Powerful transmission of the optical interface, appointed by customers
6. Network management data carried through either RS232 interface or E1 interface, or optical interface.
7. It's made of aluminimum alloy
8. 1U in height
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