1U4E1PCM30 Multiplexer

1U4E1PCM30 Multiplexer

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OM4E1PCM30 is an optical phone/data multiplexer for MSTP (multiple service transmission protocol) It could offer transparent transmission in single or dual fibers, including 30 channels of telephone/data signal, 4 × E1 channels, V. 11/V. 24/RS232 channels and100BASE_T interface.

1. All the cards support hot swap, so it is convenient to change cards, upgrade and maintain the equipment
2. 2 channels per card. The problem of one interface will not affect others
3. Each unit circuit with self-testing function and alarm indicator
4. The physical connecter of telephone interface is RJ45, one interface with 4 telephone Channel, and it is easier to connect the line
5. Physical connecter of E1 golden L9
6. Ethernet interface is standard RJ45 connecter, auto-adaptive and auto-recognitive, free From considering if make cross-connect line or not
7. Optical interface is FC, single-fiber or dual-fiber

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