1x4 Optical Switch

1x4 Optical Switch

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1x4 Optical Switch
anfiber.com,Anfiber company supply 1x4 Optical Switch, as a professional optical device manufacturer in the world, high quality and low price 1x4 Optical Switch in Shenzhen,China.
Anfiber-1x4 Optical Switch, which is famous for its high performance, compact dimension and simple control type. It is an ideal Component for OADM,OXC,system monitor and protection. With compact dimension, it could be easy to integrate into a high density optical communication system.
1x4 Optical Switch Features:
Wide Wavelength Range
Low Crosstalk
High Stability, High Reliability
Epoxy-free on optical path
Latching and Non-latching
1x4 Optical Switch Applications:
Switching in Optical
System Monitor
R&D in Laboratory
Configurable OADM
1x4 Optical Switch Parameters:
Wavelength Range nm 1310 or 1490 or 1550 (SM) 1310 & 1490 & 1550 (SM) 850 or 1310(MM)
Insertion Loss (1x4) dB Typ:1.0 Max:1.2 Typ:1.2 Max:1.5 Typ:1.2 Max:1.5
Insertion Loss (1x8) dB Typ:1.5 Max:1.8 Typ:1.8 Max:2.0 Typ:1.8 Max:2.0
Insertion Loss (1x16) dB Typ:2.0 Max:2.4 Typ:2.4 Max:2.6 Typ:2.4 Max:2.6
PDL dB <0.05
Return Loss dB SM>50 MM>30
WDL dB <0.25
Crosstalk dB SM>55 MM>35
Repeatability dB <±0.02
Power Supply v 5.0
Lifetime times >107
Switch Time ms <8
Transmission Power mW <500
Operating Temperature -20~+70
Storage Temperature -40~+85
Dimension mm 1<N<4 (135×40×32) 4<N<12 (135×64×32)12<N<16(184×78×36) 16<N<32(184×78×66) 32<N<88 (184×156×66) 88<N<128(184×220×66)
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