2 function in 1 Rework Station YIHUA 899D

2 function in 1 Rework Station YIHUA 899D

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2 function in 1 Rework Station YIHUA 899D 
1.Gun and iron both have two Function(Auto key and Manual) 
2.CE approved 

2  function in 1 Rework Station YIHUA 899D



Add two new features for the gun and iron.

1. GUN manual and Auto

*Put the key to AUTO: When you put the gun on the holder over 2 minutes, that the gun will enter the standby mode.

*Put the key to MANUAL:When you put the gun on the holder,that the gun still work along  


The blue key would set up 2~20minutes. 

*If you set up 2minutes , when you put the iron on the holder after 2minutes that the iron will enter 200c .

*If you not set up the minute that iron will keep the temperature along with your using.


*Technical data:

Power consumption: 700W

Gun temperature: 100-450celsius

Gun type: Brushless fan  

Air flow: 120L/MIN

Gun heater material: Ferro-alloys

Gun heater resistance: 74ohm

Soldering iron temperature range: 200-450celsius

Soldering iron type: Blue type

Soldering iron cable: Silicagel line

Soldering iron heater material: high-quality heater

Soldering iron heater resistance: 15ohm

Inner box dimension(cm): 32*27*19.8

Outer box dimension(cm): 57.5*36*32

Outer carton box Q'TY: 8PCS/CTN

Prodcut weight: 2.85KG/PCS


Remark: Specifications and design subject to change without notice


1. Comfortable portable handheld and the Digital LED display.

2. Microcomputer control,warming-up quickly.

3. Adjust the air flow and temperature control rotatin.

4. Refer to the instructions included with three kinds of nozzles (big,medium and small) replacement part.

5. Would replace the part if the resistance value is incorrect.

6. When the temperature is less than 70celsius
, can stop rotation automatically.

7. Intelligent system that could alarm , Fault detection automatically.

8. This product is ESD-protected.

9. High-quality resistance good for long service life

10. Shell using alloy material, elegant appearance.

11. Safe solder QFP, PLCC, BGA and other temperature-sensitive components.

12. Intelligent detection and cool airflow features.

13. Green lines and high-quality silicone body heat good for extend life and save power.


What's in the box :

* main unit + gun + power cord 

* guide 

* soldering iron 

* soldering iron holder 

* 3 nozzles (Bayonet stainless steel nozzle)


These are 220V units, you may need a transformer to use the machine in your country. we also do accept special orders for 110V  / 230V/ 240V units.

And we have black appearance and blue appearance for your choice
BKD # 623225

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