2 function in 1 YIHUA 882D+ SMD Rework soldering Station

2 function in 1 YIHUA 882D+ SMD Rework soldering Station

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YIHUA 882D+ SMD Rework Station 
1.cool air flow /hot airflow function 
2.Auto /delay time function 
3.Celsius/Fahrenheit ect. 

2 function in 1 YIHUA 882D+ SMD Rework soldering Station:


Patented products, counterfeiting not allowed
Patent No.: 2011301353987 


Technical Data:                                      

Power consumption: 720W

Soldering Iron Temperature range: 200-480°C

Gun Temperature range: 100-480°C

Gun heater material: Nickel-alloys                          

Gun heater resistance: 74ohm

Soldering Iron Type: Blue Handle

Soldering Iron Heater material: Imported high-power heater

Gun type: brushless fan air flow: 120L/min

Net Weight: 3.56KG/pcs

Outer box Dimension(cm): 43.8*32*66.5cm

QTY: 6PCS/carton 


It is big function to  satisfied difference customer request:

1.cool air flow/hot airflow function

2.Auto/delay time function

3.Celsius/Fahrenheit temperature display conversion function

4.Temperature correction

5.Iron sleep function

6.Card lock function


Detail information about those function:

1.cool air flow/hot airflow function: choice one of it for your working request.
2.Auto/delay time function: Choice Auto, when you put the handle on the holder that machine will auto stop heating and cooling; Choice delay, when the handle put on the holder that machine delay 25s and then cooling .This function good for frequent operation of air gun, it is good for save the cooling time and heating time, Improve work efficiency.
3.Celsius/Fahrenheit temperature display conversion function: to meet the market demand to design temperature display mode can be selected in accordance with customary interest
4.Temperature correction: According to the usage can appropriately raise or lower the actual temperature of air gun and soldering iron, calibration temperature range:-50°C~+50°C.
5.Iron sleep function: iron handle put on the holder no use, until nearly set the sleep time, then the soldering iron temperature down to 200°C enter into sleep state. Effectively prevent oxidation and extend the tip of the tip life, energy saving. Sleep time can be set to 2 minute,5 minute,10 minute ,20 minute, available to the user to select, if you do not want to iron sleep, you can set sleep time value is 0.
6.Card lock function: only insert the key card lock can be changed only once on the machine parameters, operating parameters to achieve standardization, consistency ,especially  for use on the scale of the factory improve performance.
7.use the newest microcomputer processor PID program control technology, the precise digital show air gun and the iron temperature.
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