2-stage RO water treatment system

2-stage RO water treatment system

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Description: 2-stage RO water treatment system
Capacity: 1,000L/hr 20,000L/hr
2-stage RO system is widely used in preparation of water for beverage industry, which features adaptable of different salt content of water, easy operation, less labor force and low running cost.
Composition of 2-stage RO water treatment system
1. Pre-treatment System.
Pre-treatment system is composed of mechanical filter, active carbon filter, softener and precision filter. The water temperature requires 25±30C.
Flocculator is used for destroying electro-neutral of colloid in water, which ensures raw water can reach to the requirement of Silt Density Index (SDI) 4. Mechanical filter can remove most of suspension, colloid and grain impurity, which can ensure initial purification of water.
If some of raw water comes from tap water, chlorine content maybe is higher. Low-pressure compound RO membrane has strict limitation to chlorine and organism, which must be 0.1mg/1.
Because calcium and magnesium content in raw water is very high, and RO salt-removing rate is about 97%, which may cause deposit of calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, bitter salt, etc. on concentrated water side. Deposit adhered on RO membrane surface and may block passage of components and causes pressure difference increase, water output decrease and salt-removing rate decrease, which influences normal running and usage span of RO. So before precision filter, Scale Inhibitor is equipped to protect and avoids impurity on RO concentrated water side.

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