2016 factory price st stc alternator 100% copper wire

2016 factory price st stc alternator 100% copper wire

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Product Details

ST Series Single Phase Generator: 
1. Competitive quality and price. 
2. Materials 100% copper wire. 
3. CE, CCC, ISO9001
4. Shipping within timely

ST Series Single phase A. C. Synchronous Generator

Detailed Product Description

The ST series single phase A. C. Synchronous generator is mainly made for the domestic electric in town or village, and also used as lighting in the boat. 
The construction of the generator is of drip-proof, salient pole rotating field self excitation and constant voltage type. The generator interior adopts with high quality magnetic and electric materials. Insulation for stator is class B. This series generator is elegant in appearance, tight in construction and easy to maintenance. And the appearance is designed according to the IEC dimension standard, which is suitable for using in Australia, Europe, America and other countries or regions. 

The generator adopts harmonic wave self-excitation constant voltage system and automatic voltage control excitation constant voltage system, both have excellent dynamic performance, are convenient and reliable operation. 

Operating Conditions: 

Under the following environment condition, the generator could run normally and continuously: 
1. Altitude: Not exceed 1000m. 
2. Cooling air temperature: 258~313K (-15 ~40 ). 
3. Relative air humidity: Not exceed 90%.
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