24pcs 3 in 1 led wash light

24pcs 3 in 1 led wash light

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1.Input Voltage:100V~256VAC
2.LED: 1W LED 24PCS (8red, 8green, 8blue) OR 3 in 1 RGB
3.Power Consumption:38 W      
4.Beam angle:30°
5.Project distance:10M
6.Source life:50000 hours
7.Control system:DMX 512 control
8.DMX Channel:3 Channels
9.Connection:3 pins XLR-sockets
10.Connected amount:32 sets (if more than 32 sets, need to add one DMX repeater; every repeater can 11.connect 32 sets lights)
12.Operating Voltage:18VDC
13.LED Current:320mA ±5%
14.Protection rating:IP65
15.Operating temperature:range -18°C ~ +40°C
16.Storage temperature:range 5°C ~ +30°C
17.Tilt Rotary angle:175°Housing:Aluminum alloy
18.Product Size:L1000*W76*H100MM
Net Weight:3.65KG
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