25.2V 6A Charger

25.2V 6A Charger

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Input: 110~240V AC/50-60Hz
Output: 14.6VDC-8A DC
Automatic, charge step:CC/CV
Over current, over charge, short circuit protection.Safe and reliable
Plastic shell, beautiful and strong, durable
Pass CE Certification

Model Power(max) Dimension(mm) Weight
(kg) 15V 30V 45V 60V 75V 180V 360V
N 60w 115×65×42   4.0A 2.0A 1.3A 1.0A      
R 75w 120×70×45 0.6 4.5A 2.5A 1.5A 1.2A      
T 90w 135×90×50 0.7 5.0A 3.0A 2.0A 1.6A      
W 120w 135×90×50 0.8 6A 3A 2.5A 2A      
S 180w 150×90×50 0.9 8A 5A 4A 3A      
J 240w 170×90×50 1.0 10A 7A 5A 4A      
A 360w 170×90×63 1.2 20A 12A 8A 6A 5A    
E 600w 220×120×70 2.5 25A 18A 12A 10A 8A 3A  
F 900w 230×135×70 3.0 40A 25A 18A 15A 12A 5A  
B 900w 260×150×88 3.5 40A 25A 18A 15A 12A 5A  
C 1200w 260×175×90 4.5 50A 35A 20A 18A 15A 6A 3A
D 1500w 300×175×90 5.5 80A 45A 30A 25A 20A 8A 4A
K 2000w 330×175×115 6.5 100A 60A 40A 30A 25A 10A 5A
L 3000w 330×220×116 8.5       45A 35A 16A 8A

Remark: JOY Also can provide with small power charger with 13W, such as 4.2V0.5A,4.2v1A,4.2V2A,4.2V4A,8.4V1A,8.4V2A,12.6V1A,16.8V1A,16.8V2A,16.8V5A and so on.

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