3-in-1 Slim Body Beauty Equipment

3-in-1 Slim Body Beauty Equipment

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Main Theory:
3-in-1 functions of far-infrared heating combined with low frequency thraphy and ultrasonic vibration gives deep and wonderful curative effect for beauty your skin and slim your body.
Far-infrared is claimed to penetrate the body's tissues to a depth of 1.5 to 3 inches.Due to the supposed deep penetration of infrared rays, a heating effect is observed deep in the muscular tissues and even into the internal organs.This deep heating along with sweating, is thought to be responsible for the healing effects and the other health benefits associated with these infrared rays.
Ultrasonic permeates deeply into the skin, emit heat which accelerates blood circulation and radiate micro-vibrations stimulate the body's recovery from illness and injury. and dissolve fats to achieve the effect of body slimming.
Low pulse therapy use the weak low frequency electric current to impulse the human body, thus expand blood vessel, promote blood circulation, enhance the organization vigor, make metabolism waste and inflammatory material outside of the body.

1. Novelty appearance, easy to use and carry;
2. 3-in-1 combined functions freely beauty your skin and slim your body together;
3. 1MHZ Ultrasonic combined with big-size stainless massager head is convenient to massage your body parts;
4.Far-infrared wavelength between 8-14 microns is same as the human body's far-infrared wavelength and is benefitable for human body's health and called as vital ray.
5.It can be applied safely,without causing any discomfort or harm to human body;

1.Massage the cells;
2.Promote metabolism and blood circulation;
3.Activate lymphocyte and stimulate detoxification;
4.Tighten the skin and smoothen the wrinkles;
5.Helps skincare products to be absorbed by skin.
6. Enhance immune system
7. Weight control and remove cellulite;
8. Eliminate or reduce the body pains and muscle fatigue;

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