3150kgm Hydraulic Die Forging Hammer

3150kgm Hydraulic Die Forging Hammer

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CNC Hydraulic Die Forging Hammer Max. Striking Energy at 31.5KJ / 3150kgm / 1.26Ton
C92K-31.5kJ CNC Forging Hammer
Max. Striking Energy: 31.5KJ
Weight of Hammer Head: 2100kg
Max. Striking Frequency: 85
Max. Stroke: 700mm
Min. Stroke: 500mm
Guide Rail Distance: 664mm
Hammer Head Depth: 595mm
Min. Die Height (Without Coattail): 200mm
Max. Die Height (Without Coattail): 400mm
Sow Block Height: 700mm
Main Motor Power: 55 Kw
Height Above Ground: 4780mm
Height Below Ground: 850mm

Hydraulic Die Forging Hammer Hitting Energy from at 16KJ, 25KJ, 31.5KJ, 50KJ, 63KJ, 80KJ, 100KJ, 125KJ and 160KJ best suitable for precision die forgings, such as motorcycle parts, auto parts, hand tools, surgical

instruments, table ware... etc.

C92K Hydraulic Die Hammer is a High Technology Hydraulic Die Forging Hammer, Programmable Hitting, High Production Efficiency, Precision Forgings, Energy Saving, Environmental Protection and Reliable Performance are its


1. Programmable Hitting;
2. Precise Hitting Energy Control;
3. High Forging Accuracy;
4. High Blow Frequencies;
5. Simple and Safe Operating;
6. Low Forging Vibration;
7. Optimum Die Life and Hammer Rod Lift.... etc.

Should any capacity Hydraulic Die Forging Hammer be of interest to you, we will be happy to give you information upon receipt of your detailed requirements.

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