4E1 Ethernet Converter

4E1 Ethernet Converter

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4E1LAN is a converter that uses several E1 to transmit Ethernet data. It transmits Ethernet MAC frame data point to point with 1~4 E1 channel, and the highest rate can reach 7.936Mbps. LED displays full alarming indication information of line side and Ethernet side. Aluminum exterior chassis

Key feature:
1. 2 types on configurations: Standard common 19 inches width, 6U high, and desktop.
2. Realize transparent transmission of 10M/100M ethernet data by 1~4 E1
3. Frame re-arrayed on E1 line side during Ethernet data transmission to guarantee frame order and improve transmission efficiency.
4. 1~4 E1 allows that the maximum transfer delay of frame order is 16 ms between every 2 E1s, and guarantee it can work stably in any complicated network.
5. Support error code threshold in each E1 channel. When one channel's BER exceeds the threshold, this channel will be shut off and insolated. It can test available channel number of 4 E1, and distribute bandwidth automatically.
6. Shutting down isolating function can realize single-direction isolation. Only shut off the branch direction that exceeds threshold, the other direction transmission will not be affected. It can realize double asymmetric directions on Ethernet transmission to guarantee the highest transmission efficiency when E1 line is with problem.
7. Double power supplies, AC220V or DC48V
8. RJ45 interfaces for each Ethernet pole. Can transmit 2 channels of Ethernet at the same time, with interior exchange function.

Description of interface connector
1. E1 connector: BNC, Ethernet physical connector: RJ45.
2. Ethernet interface RJ45 is auto-adaptive. Free from cross-connect line when connecting with PC or exchange
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