4n ZnSe Zinc Selenide Laser Lens Blank

4n ZnSe Zinc Selenide Laser Lens Blank

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ZnSe zinc selenide laser lens blank
Our zinc selenide has two categories: laser lens blank, coating material.
The product in this picture is laser lens blank.
Applied in: Reflector; Beam expanding lens; Field flattening lens; Infared lens; Polarization microscope
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Specifications Summary:
Zinc selenide(Chemical formula: ZnSe)
1.laser lens blank: dia 20-100mm
2.coating material: powder 300 mesh
3.coating material: granules: 1-40mm
4.color: orange transparent
6.package: packed with soft paper or 1 KG/ bag
7.storage: avoid exposure to sunlight & acid keep dry
zinc selenide properties:
1.cas no.: 1315-09-9
2.density (g/cm3): 5.27
3.melting point: 1520
4.refractive index at 550nm: 2.58
5.transparency range: 0.5-22
6.evaporation source:E; B(Ta, Mo)
7.applications: reflector; beam expanding lens; field flatting lens; infrared lens; polarization microscope

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