4x4 Rolling Road Dynamometer Test Bench

4x4 Rolling Road Dynamometer Test Bench

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4x4 rolling road test bench with 2 TELMA eddy-current brakes, up to 1000 HP, with CE certificate. Perfect for car tuners, chiptuning, autogas installers, workshops.
Technical parameters:
Type: with eddy-current brakes
Max size (D1, D2 x S) [mm] 7500, 6700 x 3500
Max weight per axle[kg] 3000
Number of axles 2
Brakes 2 x Telma 476 HP
Vmax [km / h] 250
Pmax [HP] 550 / 1100
Power measurement accuracy, inertial mode [kW] 0, 1
Power measurement accuracy, braked mode [% ] / -1, 0
Accuracy of distance measurement [mm] 2
Force sensor accuracy [% ] 0, 3
Frequency of measurement at inertial mode [1 / sec = Hz] 5000
Frequency of measurement at braked mode[1 / sec = Hz] 16
Setting of RPM steepness: freely, up to 1 RPM
Setting of load steepness: freely, up to 1 Nm
Axles min / max distance: 2200 mm / 3000 mm
PC controller and measurement systems included
Delivery worldwide. Many other versions and models available. Looking for re-sellers in some countries / areas

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