5 user Multi-touch Infrared Interactive Whiteboard

5 user Multi-touch Infrared Interactive Whiteboard

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ESHOW Multi-user Infrared Interactive Whiteboard supports max. 5 users at the same time. It adopts the latest advanced infrared sensing technology, combined with PC and projectors, you can operate and control your computer directly on the IWB with your fingertip or any non-transparent object. Rest your palm on the board's surface for 3 seconds, the IWB will magicly lead you to an interactive world. With the automatically activated interactive software, you can write, draw, edit, annotate, clean on it and also, you can enjoy other functions such as touch gesture recognition, handwriting recognition, shape recognition, spotlight, screen capture, screen recorder, replay, etc.

ESHOW Infrared IWB can replace the traditional whiteboard, and offer you an interactive, creative, collaborative, effective and healthy teaching and working environment with convenient operation. It is particularly suitable in school teaching, business presentation, stuff training, lecture, seminar as well as on-line conference and education.

Key features: 
1. Infrared touch sensitive by your finger! No need for electrical pens 
2. Max. 5 users supported at the same time 
3. Intelligent recognition of handwriting and shape 
4. Multi-touch gestures to increase ease and fun: 
a. One finger-write,draw,erase 
b. Two fingers-move,rotate,zoom in/out 
c. Five fingers(palm)-start the interactive software 
5. USB connection, Plug&Play 
6. 100% positioning accuracy 
7. Swift responding speed, writing at real time without time lag 
8. Modular structure design, easy to assemble and maintenance

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