500W Falcon Electric Skateboard bamboo deck

500W Falcon Electric Skateboard bamboo deck

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Skatetek Inc
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91 L'AMOREAUX DRIVE, toronto, CANADA, M1W2J8, Canada
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Call: 0-1-6479969094
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Alvin Pillay
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Product Details

Deck Style:Indonesian Bamboo (Optional Customised Deck Design Available)
Motor Power:500 watt
Maximum Speed: 30km/hr
Maximum Load Capacity:135 kg (297 lbs)
Charging Time:3-6 hours
Wheel Style: Street Slicks
Battery Capacity:Lithium 12 A
Reverse Technology
ABS Electronic Brakes
Starter:Interference-free 3G Wireless Remote Controller + 2
Adjustable Speed Settings (low and high speed)
Auto Power Shut Off:Yes
BKD # 619944
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