630 Tons Kitchen Sink Hydraulic Press

630 Tons Kitchen Sink Hydraulic Press

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630 Tons Kitchen Sink Hydraulic Press
This series of hydraulic press is used in the drawing,blanking,
bending, flanging of metal sheet etc .

Main technical parameters
1.1 Rated force: 6300KN
1.2 Max Working force: 25Mpa
1.3 Daylight: 1000mm
1.4 Slider stroke:750mm
(the distance from closed to open is 750mm)
1.5 Down speed :100mm/ S press speed
slow opening speed :5-10mm/S
Slow return :5-10 mm/ S Fast return :80mm/S
1.6 Table size: 1500X1000mm
1.7 Hydraulic cushion size : 800*600mm stroke 250mm
1.8 Power : 55 KW
1.9 Machine weight : 30 tons

1 The press body adopts frame type structure, The top beam, stand column, slider, worktable are all welded by steel plate (Q235-A) with CO2 gas shielded welding process and optimized by computer.
2 Slider adopts overall plate connected with piston rod to guarantee enough strength. The sliding block move along the guide rail on the frame .There is slot at the bottom of slider and on the top of worktable used to install mould , the T slot could be made according to the buyers' requirements .
3 The top beam is welded steel plate parts, optimized by computer, the main oil cylinder is set inside top beam.
4 The worktable is welded parts, the surface is thick steel plate welded with surrounding steel plates and rib plates and form a part with strong bearing capacity.
5 The main cylinder consists of two cylinders which are installed on in the holes of top beam.. The oil cylinder is SAE1045 forging steel to ensure the uniformity of materials. The oil cylinder is processed by finishing machine with high precision.
6 Below the work table there is a hydraulic cushion , the stroke is about 250mm , the hydraulic cushion is 800*600mm.

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