72 LED Ring Light

72 LED Ring Light

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72 LED Ring Light 
1. Uniformity Light, Non-flicker & Shadow
2 Intensity Adjustment, with Four-zone Lighting Control Separately

Stereo microscopes and machine vision systems to inspection or imaging as illumination.

LED Q'ty: 72LEDs
Input Power: DC12V 600mA
Output Power: 7.2W
Input Voltage: Universal 100-240V AC
LED Color Temperature: ± 6000K
LED Luminance: >12000mcd
LED Angle: 18° (Consistent)
LED Lifetime: 100, 000 hrs
Working Distance: 95-115mm
Condensation: 30mm
LED Color: White(Optional Other Colors)

Reliability and Durability
Low Power Consumption, Super Brightness
Metal Shell, ESD and Insulativity
Reasonable Design, Uniformity Light, Non-flicker & Shadow
Intensity Adjustment, Good Variable Control Permit Gradual Increase in Brightness with Four-zone Lighting Control Separately
Mounting Diameter: 58mm, Outer Diameter: 98mm

Standard Configuration:
72LED Lamp, Light Control Box, DC12V Power Supply, Adaptor, Soft-filter and Neutral Package.

1. Polarizer Suit: 26 or 48 Polarizer (Alternative) and 95 Analyzer
Effects: Reduce glare as to the light is soft for observe; More uniform light to generate clearer image.
2. Red filter:  95, suit for inspect the green plant sample or with green background
3. Severe Soft-filter Attachment: 95, inspection of sample with heavy reflecting lights

Power Cable Options: UK, USA, Europe, Australia or Other System
BKD # 347848

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