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1) Folded size: 67cm x 30cm x 16cm
2) Unfolded size: 100cm x 70cm x 43cm
3) Weight: 5.6kg/12.6lbs
4) Dual chain ratio: 14:8 and 35:9
5) Max. weight tolerance: 85.00kgs
6) Max. braking force: complies with BS1602 part 1:1992
7) Polymer composite: 30% GF PA66
8) Aluminum: heat treated 6061T6
9) Tire size: 15cm/6 diameter x 3.2cm/1
10) Tire valve type: shredder
11) Pneumatic tire pressure: 90PSI
12) Max. Saddle height: 90cm
13) Min. saddle height: 82cm

1) Frame materials: heat treated magnesium high strength glass fiber
reinforced engineering polymer constitute the majority of the frame
2) Fold mechanism: in under 10 seconds With a 3 click telescopic mechanism
3) Easy to ride: the use of a dynamically geared twin chain system enables users to pedal normally and retain their balance. The high performance 90PSI
pneumatic tires allow for a smooth and comfortable ride on most hard surfaces.
The size of the wheels is of course a key factors in making the bike so lightweight and compact
4) Easy to fold and unfold: this is designed to be folded and unfolded in under 10 seconds
5) Different: the uniquely styled mini bike feels much like a normal bike to ride.
However unlike other folding bikes it can easily be slipped into a bag while
you hop on the tube, train, bus, or even a plane
6) Conveyance: 20ft.: 683pcs; 40ft.: 1365pcs

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