A1700 PT Mud Pump Pistons

A1700 PT Mud Pump Pistons

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OEE offers a full line of pistons for duplex and triplex mud pumps. All API types are available,among these are: 
1. Bonded Rubber Pistons
2. Premium Bonded Urethane Pistons
3. Pistons with replacement rubbers
4 double-action replacement pistons
Bonded Rubber Pistons 
Our premium pistons are fully interchangeable with other API standard designed pistons and delivery maximum performance in almost all drilling conditions. High tensile strength, resistance to chemicals, hydrocarbons, and abrasion, long lasting service, and full interchangeability with other API designed pistons make Our Premium piston a sound value.
Premium Bonded Urethane Pistons 
This one piece bonded constructed piston has no joints to leak. Eliminates abrasive fluids between piston and liner. The fluid expanded lip is not damaged by high pressure and fast pump strokes.  This Fail-Safe piston seals off to greater diameter as liner wears.
Pistons with replacement rubbers
Currently running in pumps using exotic mud and highest drilling pressures! Bonded construction - no joints, no leakage. Longer piston and liner life. This piston will run in higher-pressure, fast stroking pumps, and is resistant to oil base mud and other additives currently being used. This Premium Piston has been in service for years, providing unmatched performance under extreme drilling conditions. This one piece bonded unit provides the same series of advantages, being impervious to oil and other chemicals
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Double action replacement piston 
If you need any items, kindly let us know, we will give you a satisfied quotation.
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