AACSR Bare Overhead Conductor

AACSR Bare Overhead Conductor

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STANDARD:ASTM B711, DIN 48206, IEC 61089 etc
AACSR is suitable for overhead line for long span at medium voltage, high voltage and extra-high voltage, such as used in the area of mountain, hill, or the place where snow is heavy. The AACSR has a much higher strength and its usage is ideal on long spans or under very severe mechanical conditions.

1.offers optimal strength for line design.
2.improved strength to weight ratio
3.ideal for extra long span with heavy load
4.excellent resistance to corrosion.

Applicable Standards: ASTM, DIN, IEC etc

AACSR is a concentrically stranded conductor composed of one or more layers of Aluminium-Magnesium-Silicon Alloy wire stranded around a high strength coated steel core. The core can be of either single wire or stranded multi wire. AACSR is available with steel core of Class A, B or C galvanizing or Aluminium clad (AW). Additional corrosion protection is available through the application of grease to the core or infusion of the complete cable with grease.
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