Abrasives Flap Disc ( Aluminum Coated)

Abrasives Flap Disc ( Aluminum Coated)

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"SHARK" Aluminum Coated FLAP DISC for universal maching tasks with very high stock removal rates and heavy-duty use.

Application:for grinding tasks such as weld seam dressing on planar surface,sutiable for duty deburing and beveling work on stainlesss and high temperature steels.

Advantages of type A
1.Very high stock removal rate
2.Very short maching time
3.Cool grinding properties prevent thermal damages
4.Made of zirconia alumina grain with a high grit strength for maxmum grinding efficiency in general purpose applications.

Grit 24# soft metals,plastics,wood
Grit 40# unalloyed and low-alloy steels,low-strength stainless steels
Grit 60# High-alloy,stainless,high-temperature and heat-treated steels
Grit 80# High-temperature alloys
Grit 120# For especially smooth steel finishes,fine grinding

Tech Detail:
27A10016Y 100*16 4x5/8
27A11522Y 115*22.2 4-1/2x7/8
27A12522Y 125*22.2 5x7/8
27A15022Y 150*22.2 6x7/8
27A18022Y 180*22.2 7x7/8

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