AC / DC Feedthrough Capacitor

AC / DC Feedthrough Capacitor

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AC / DC Feedthrough Capacitor
Manufacturer Supply 230VAC 10uf 30A Screw feedthrough capacitor
Rated Voltage (V): 5VDC to 2500VDC, 70VAC to 350VAC
Capacitance Range: 10pF to 10uF
Reactive Current: 0.06A to 185A
Rated Voltage :
DC: 5VDC, 28VDC, 35VDC, 50VDC, 60VDC, 70VDC, 80VDC, 100VDC, 150VDC, 200VDC, 250VDC, 275VDC 300VDC, 330VDC, 350VDC, 400VDC, 450VDC, 500VDC, 600VDC, 750VDC, 1250VDC, 2500VDC
AC: 70VAC, 85VAC, 90VAC, 115VAC, 125VAC, 140VAC, 200VAC, 220VAC, 230VAC, 240VAC, 330VAC, 350VAC
Rated Capacitance: 10pF, 65pF, 100pF, 470pF, 500pF, 1000pF, 1200pF, 1500pF, 1750pF, 2000pF, 2500pF, 2700pF, 3000pF, 3300pF, 4700pF, 5000pF, 5500pF, 6800pF, 7000pF, 9000pF, 10000pF, 0.01uF, 0.012uF, 0.015uF, 0.018uF, 0.022uF, 0.025uF, 0.027uF, 0.028uF, 0.045uF, 0.05uF, 0.056uF, 0.06uF, 0.062uF, 0.075uF, 0.08uF, 0.1uF, 0.15uF, 0.2uF, 0.21uF, 0.25uF,0.3uF, 0.45uF, 0.5uF, 0.7uF, 0.75uF, 0.8uF, 0.99uF, 1uF, 1.2uF, 1.4uF, 1.5uF, 2.1uF, 2.8uF, 4.0uF, 5.2uF, 5.6uf, 6.8uf, 7.2uf, 7.5uf, 8.2uf, 10uf
Rated Current: 0.06A, 0.15A, 0.25A, 0.3A, 0.45A, 0.5A, 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A, 10A, 15A, 25A, 30A, 32A, 35A, 40A, 45A, 50A, 55A, 60A, 70A, 75A, 80A, 85A, 90A, 95A, 100A, 110A, 115A, 120A, 125A, 130A, 135A, 140A, 145A, 150A, 155A, 160A, 165A, 170A, 175A, 180A, 185A
Capacitance tolerance: F ± 1pf, S + 50%, -20%, K ±10%, Z + 80%, -20%, M ±20%,
P +100%, - 0%
Working Temperature Range: E: -10 to +85C, F:-25 to +85C, G: -30 to +125C,
H:-40 to +85C, I: -55 to +85C, J:-55 to +125C
Temperature characteristic:
CH, U, SL, X7R, 2B4, 2E2, 2E3, 2F2, Z5U, 2C1, 2F4
High Voltage switch power supply, DC charging system, Power, signal lines, rocket ignition devices, aircraft, military, communications, medical equipment, multi-stage filtering, signal Filtering, data cable, AC power cord, Telecommunications equipment, transmission equipment, microwave filters, industrial computer, composite circuit filter components and etc

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