AC dynamometer for engine, automobile parts, transmission, motor test beds

AC dynamometer for engine, automobile parts, transmission, motor test beds

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CAMA (luoyang) Electromechanic Co.,Ltd
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Supplier and Manufacturer: CAMA (Luoyang) Electromechanic Co.,Ltd
 (Original Luoyang Nanfeng Electromechanic Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd).  
 Website: Http://

CAMA is affiliated with China Airborne Missile Academy, is a professional manufacturer introducing exclusive technology of eddy current dynamometer earliest in domestic market. With military manufacturing history of forty-year, solid capability of development and production, advantage of quality control system in airborne enterprise, CAMA has developed as the biggest and most professional engine/motor/transmission/automobile parts test bed manufacturer. The market share is over 80% in China.  Products are exported to America, Canada, Turkey, Vietnam, Iran, South Korea, Laos, etc. 

Characteristics of AC dynamometer:
Fast dynamic response:
Energy conservation: Mechanical energy can be converted to electric energy:
To be either load applying unit or prime mover:
Select international well-known brand inverter, feeding quality can meet national standards completely;
Use high accuracy torque flange made by international well-known brand

Model Range: 1hp to 2000HP
BKD # 619661

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