AC Filtering power Film Capacitors

AC Filtering power Film Capacitors

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Medium and High Voltage Power Film Capacitors
High Power Film Capacitors, Inverter Capacitors, High Power Filter Film Capacitors, High Voltage Film Capacitors
Manufacturer Supply of High Power Film Capacitors for AC Filter, Coupling/Decoupling, DC Filter, DC Link , Frequency Discriminating, Inverter , Energy Storage , Power Factor Correction (PFC), Variable Frequency Drives (VFD), IGBT Snubber, Ultra High Voltage, GTO/Thruster/IGCT Snubber, Power Resonant, Decoupling, ,DC Blocking, High Precision Film capacitor (PPS and Polycarbonate)..
General Applications:
Wind Power Inverter, Traction Inverter, Medical Power, Solar Inverter, Hybrid Vehicle Inverter, Power Laser, SVC/VFS/HVC/APF/FACTS, Motor Driver or Motor Run, Welding Inverter, Induction Heating Power, High Voltage Power Supply, Marine Power Converter, UPS Power Supply, High Frequency SMPS Power system, High Frequency Inverter, High power filter applications, Switching power supplies, Large electric utility high voltage direct current applications, solar panels or batteries, bulk DC storage, especially useful in DC link converter / inverter applications
General characteristics:
3MP AC Filtering power Film Capacitors
High power AC filtering for motor run applications, Designed to handle high RMS currents for today's high energy AC filtering applications.
Long Life: > 100,000 Hours, Low ESR, High RMS Current Capability
High Surge Voltage Capability: 1.5 x V
Flexible, Dry Film Fully Encapsulated Construction
Temperature Range: -55C to +85C
Voltage Range VAC: 300VAC to 900VAC
Voltage Range V: 450Vdc to 1350Vdc
Capacitance Range: 20uF to 325uF
300VAC/450V/150uf, 300VAC/450V/200uf, 300VAC/450V/325uf
530VAC/750V/70uf, 530VAC/750V/92uf, 530VAC/750V/130uf
600VAC/900V/35uf, 600VAC/900V/50uf, 600VAC/900V/90uf
900VAC/1350V/20uf, 900VAC/1350V/30uf

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