ACSR conductor

ACSR conductor

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ACSR Conductor:
Aluminum alloy 1350-H-19 wires, concentrically stranded about a steel core. Core wire for ACSR is available with class A, B, or C galvanizing; "aluminized" aluminum coated (AZ); or aluminum-clad (AW).
Additional corrosion protection is available through the application of grease to the corer or infusion of the complete cable with grease.
Used as bare overhead transmission cable and as primary and secondary distribution cable. ACSR offers optimal strength for line design. Variable steel core stranding enables desired strength to be achieved without sacrificing ampacity.
All the products can perfectly meet requests of different standards. we can design and manufacture special cables according to the required standards of customers, such as: GB, IEC, BS, ASTM, JIS, DIN CRS.
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