Advantaged Natural Gas Header

Advantaged Natural Gas Header

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The gas header, produced by Shenyang Wensheng, is widely used in the natural gas collection and transportation, connects with the pipe directly. The work pressure is from a few tenths MP to more than ten MP, the diameter from a few hundred millimeters to more than 1000 millimeters, the length from a few meters to more than ten meters. It has the features of both pipe and pressure gauge, plays an important role in gas collection-transportation and long-transportation pipe engineer. 

Applicable medium: 
Coal gas, natural gas 

Product features: 
1 The gas header consists of tube body, air intake, air vent, drain outlet, manhole and connector of pressure gauge. 
2 The accessory parts include pressure meter, thermometer and safety valve. 
3 The opening generally includes main technology pipeline, discharge pipe, drain outlet, manhole and connector of pressure gauge. 
4 The connecting pipe connects with the pipe or valve through flange connection or welding. 
5 This product has saddle which is connected with the foundation bolt. 

Long-term cooperative enterprises: 
CNPC, Xinao Gas
BKD # 752584
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