Advertising Carrier (Vending Mobile Charger)

Advertising Carrier (Vending Mobile Charger)

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Chaliyuan Mobile Phone Charger Giving You Three Golden Keys
The first golden key-- You can earn enough money by setting up Chaliyuan mobil phone charger station in railway stations,ports,hotels,restaurants,shopping malls,paper stalls and scenic spots.
The second golden key-- You can gain much advertisement fee by cooperating with advertising agencies to make multi- advertising campaigns for some enterprises.
The third golden key-- You can transfer Chaliyuan mobile phone charger to telecom and bank systems to promote their enterprise images and show their service features, by which improve their competitive power. You can earn rich profits from that.
No pains of purchase and delivery; No pressures of rent and salary; No anxieties of overstocking. What Chaliyuan brings you is the happiness of incoming.
Change the conception of maintaining mobile phones and dig mobile phone value-added treasures. Catch the chance. Come on!
Except for perfect functions, such as quick charging,sterilizion and disinfections, Chaliyuan mobile phone charger can also eliminate battery memory and advertise. With high level intelligence , it suits for 99% mobile phones. We have abtioned 13 patents in China. Our products are not only purchased by many large enterprises in China, like China Mobile,China Unicom and China Netcom, but also been exported to the United States, Britain, Turkey, Nigeria, Mexico, etc.

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