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Agglomerate Flux SJ501

Agglomerate Flux SJ501

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Description:SJ501 is defined as aluminum-titanium acid type of bond fluxes. Its alkali degree is 0.5-0.8.They are gray ball grains the size of which are from 2.0-0.28mm
(10-60meshes).It adopts AC/DC. The wire is connected to the positive rod when DC.It has nice welding technic performance property with steady electric arc, and the features of good slag detachability.It also has the relatively strong anti-air-hole property,and is not sensitive to small amount of rust,oxidation films.The specific gravity is small when loose packed.and the melted amount is also smaller.
Applications: Matching with proper fluxes(such as H08A,,H08MnMoA,H08MnA),It can be used to weld low carbon steel and some low alloy steel.It is applied to weld the metal structures for ships,boilers and pressure vessels etc.
It is especially applied to the double-faced single line welding,joint of the pipes,corner-welding line etc

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