Alarm Control Host

Alarm Control Host

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AS-9000 Series Alarm Control Host
Function Instructions
LCD keyboard operation and menu programming instead of the digital code and tedious manual.
High-speed digital communications, compatible with the Contact ID digital communication protocol.
To prevent the crash, the host has watchdog function.
Intelligent voice prompt, build-in voice module, can make voice alarm.
Can carry out various programming of the system settings, such as alarm mode, the types of protection zones, remote control, alarm, telephone number, telephone line detection, etc.
Wired and wireless defense zones compatible.
1 installer programming password which is 6 digits and can be changed by himself. 1 main user password, 9 groups sub-user password which are 6 digits and can be set according to their own requirement. This can enhance security.
Support fast operation by keypad, easy and convenient.
Can set six groups of alarm telephone number (either landline or mobile phone number) and 2 groups alarm center telephone number, 2 groups of special number for arm and disarm. So the upload is free of charge. And when alert is activated, it will do dial the numbers circularly.
7 types of arm: away arm, at home arm, delay arm, remote arm, fast force arm, timing arm, remote controller arm.
4 types of disarm: disarm by keypad password, telephone remote disarm, timing disarm, remote controller disarm.
7 types of defense zone: Ordinary zone, delay zone, 24-hour zone, internal zone, doorbell zone, fire alarm zone, emergency zone, medical treatment zone.
Customizable alarm time delay and time of bell.
"Black Box" function, can store 1500 event record. Can query the zone alarm information, arm and disarm information and the battery voltage.
Can arm by remote controller or telephone. And if the defense zone is triggered, it will activate the automatic bypass and broadcast the corresponding voice information.
Telephone line fault detection function. If the telephone line is cut or short circuit, the system will alarm.
The telephone has priority to answer the alarm call. Even if the telephone is busy, it will get through the alarm call to make sure alarm report is upload successfully.
The host has a charging circuit by DC12V sealed lead-acid battery to guarantee the working even if it is power failure.
When the battery can't charge and discharge and cause low voltage, it will power-off to avoid damage to the battery.

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