All-in-one Integrated Automatic Faucet

All-in-one Integrated Automatic Faucet

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1.Power Supply: 2CR5 6V
2.Applicable Water Pressure: 0.05MPa(Dynamic Pressure)~0.7MPa(Static Pressure) 
3.Water Temperature: 0.1-60ºC 
4.Environment Temperature: 0.1-45ºC
5.Water supplying caliber: G1/2"
6.Sensing Distance: Adjusted Automatically
1.Control:Designed with SCM. Stop water automatically when water flowing exceed 1 minute.
2.Adjustable distance: Induce distance can be adjusted free of touching.
3.Strainer device: Strainer can be removed and clean to prevent blocking.
4.Check valve :Check valve inside the faucet body.
5.Structure:All parts are included inside the faucet. Water temp is adjustable from the faucet.
BKD # 399880

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