Aluminum ash separator

Aluminum ash separator

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Aluminum ash separator and ash production line is the separation of alumina and aluminum. Aluminum ash is produced as a by-product in electrolytic aluminum production process, main component of which is alumina, aluminum and impurities, wherein the alumina and aluminum has high economic benefit, but must separate them from each other to use.

Dressing ash production line equipment 

Dressing ash production line equipment includes:jaw crusher, ball mill, grading machine, magnetic separator, flotation machine, thickener and drying machines and other major equipment, with the mining machine, aluminum ash separator, elevator, conveyor components can complete dressing ash processing production line.

Aluminum ash handling is different from ore, coal and therefore improve the common aluminum gray concentrator according to the aluminum ash characteristics and handling requirements (mainly referring to: the election of aluminum gray ball mill), in order to better separation of aluminum and gray , to reduce the aluminum wear and tear, grind as much gray as possible, to achieve good use effects. Based on years of experience and user feedback, we produce a variety of selected aluminum gray ball mill, which is a gravity election equipment, depending on the gravity to achieve the purpose of election aluminum gray and then make the material washed by the washing machine to get finished aluminum.

Aluminum ash ball mill 

Our new aluminum ash ball mill is suitable for grinding various ores and other materials, and are widely used in mineral processing, industrial waste recycling, building materials and chemical industries. Aluminum ash mill is dry ball mill and according to the different discharging ways, can be divided into the lattice type and overflow type . Our Al ash ball is the key device about selection of aluminum ash, magnesium metal, graphite metals , besides that the device in graphite production line, production line of mineral ash, magnesium metal production lines, phosphorus chemical production line, occupies an extremely important position.
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