Aluminum Cutting TCT Circular Saw Blade

Aluminum Cutting TCT Circular Saw Blade

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Tooth type: ladder flat  types
Processing scope: cutting of aluminum alloy extrusions, plastic steel, non ferrous metal and aluminum alloy 45 degree cutting.
Applicable Equipment: mediated aluminum machine, profile material cutting machine, single and dual-axis oblique saw with mechanical clamping.
Industrial Type
Professional type Luxembourg ceratizit alloy carbide blade tip and black tomado laser cutting once formed, perfectly fits the 75 chrome indium. It is processed by 30 strict production processes. With unique POPULAR TOOL S flatness and straightness technology and stress handling technology. Design of vibration and noise reduction, keep being flat and straight during cutting, improvement of blade rigidity, long life span and better cutting effect is ensured. Handy feeling of use, visualized cutting effect, long life span meet the requirements of professional users.

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