Aluminum Laptop cooling stand

Aluminum Laptop cooling stand

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Haputa Aluminum Products Co., Ltd.
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Taiping South Industry Zone, Dali Town,Nanhai, Foshan, Guangdong ,China, 528231, China
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Size: 320 x 240 x 12mm
Fits all common sized laptops computers
Folds flat to <1.5cm thick for easy stowage in most any computer bag or pack
Trend design and fashion colors: red/blue/purple/silver/black or customized
Active coolers use two thin fans: low-noise (22.65dBA), 5V rated voltage, 3000rpm and 32cfm
Double USB port, so as not consume one of laptop's often limited number of USB ports
Provides efficient heatsink containing over 450 square inches of heat-dissipating surface area
6-discrete height adjustments provide 7 versatile working positions
Includes extra snap-in rubber cushions, customized for any application
Allows notebook computer to be used as ergonomically-correct desktop
Allows for precise alignment with external display monitors
Provides ideal notebook positioning when working on low or short counters
Constructed from ultra-rugged aluminum alloy
All aluminum construction, lightweight, stable and 100% recycled
Also functions as book stand that will easily accommodate heaviest textbooks and manuals
Warranty: 3 years
BKD # 620155
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