Aluminum Toolbox

Aluminum Toolbox

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Haputa Aluminum Products Co., Ltd.
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Taiping South Industry Zone, Dali Town,Nanhai, Foshan, Guangdong ,China, 528231, China
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Call: 0086-757-81791881
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Linda Chen
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Product Details

Provides even more protection for customer's valuable tools when customer's are flying around world
Ideal for frequent traveler, these marine-grade aluminum cases have virtually indestructible, hard wall to ensure customer's tools are not damaged
Heavy-duty closed-end rivets attach hinges, latches, handles and rigid internal dividers without letting in dust or moisture
Full-length piano hinges, along with plated steel latches and handle and two stainless steel locking rods
Size: 480 x 260 x 385mm
Customized designs and requirements are accepted
BKD # 620154
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