ANC- CMS01Center Monitoring Station

ANC- CMS01Center Monitoring Station

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1. Compact design, blue LCD display;

2. Pre-setting and processing by keyboard;

3. Compatible with Contact ID and 4+2 protocol, 4+2 event code definition available;

4. 2 alarm telephone lines and 2 coming calls telephone lines, 4 mor available;

5. Coming calls display identification ensure the reliable performance;

6. Working stand-alone and connecting to computer;

7. Built-in standby battery support and AC support;

8. 500 events recording; Keyboard operation system record events checking;

9. User arm/disarm information recognizing and recording without telephone charge;

10. Isolation tel network, thunder resistance design. Tel network supervising and faults reminding;

11. Extendable remote setting and control;

12. Operators authorization management, prevent illegal operation;

13. Alarm information automatically record, can print, forward, checking, copy and display in excel format;

14. Database support fuzzy checking function;

15. Alarm automatic processing/ handle processing selectable;

16. Electronic map can zoom out/in for simple checking. When alarming, users details and alarm details can bounce out;

17. Alarming sounds available and sounds can be changed;

18. Data can be copied and restored.

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