Anesthesia machine

Anesthesia machine

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7.1 Bilanx AX -600 Anesthesia Apparatus
1.1. Neat and nice, pure white appearance, fresh and elegant
1.2.Compact and complete, suitable for large, medium and small operating rooms
1.3. 12.1-inch rotary touch screen, clear interface, convenient operation, full sight angle, instrument in helping the doctor to know the information of the patient;
1.4. Rotary drawer, simple and nice, large space, convenient operation;
1.5. Compact work top, no absence of the user s desk top
1.6. Parameter cable manager facilitates parameter cable management and makes operating room neater
1.7. Fully integrated circuit system, built-in flowmeter, compact and convenient, simple pipeline;
2.1. Central brake enabling convenient and quick operation;
2.2. Four assistant outputs to simplify the power cable arrangement in the operating room and improve convenience of users;
2.3. Stable and even center for convenient movement;
2.4. Guide rail to enable users to extend functions (externally hung monitor)
2.5. Independent intellectual property ACGO (extracorporeal circulation), simple operation;
2.6. Gas-electric integrated switch for the whole machine
3.1. PPSU plastic circuit to be decontaminated through thermophilic digestion (134 degree)
2.7. PPSU plastic circuit with corrosion resistance and long service life, decontamination through immersion;
2.8. Complete ventilation modes: VCV, PCV, PRVC, SIMV-VC, SIMV-PV, stenagma; supporting ventilation from adults to babies, namely supporting ventilation control, providing assistant or independent inspiration for easy postoperative ventilator weaning;
2.9. Complete monitoring parameters: double monitoring of flow and pressure, 12 breathing mechanic parameters provided, P-V, F-V loop graph for easy observation of the patients lung; anesthesia and CO2 monitoring;
2.10. Completeness of the starting self-check function, reminding of the leakage test to ensure safe and reliable machine and smooth progress of the operation;
2.11. Complete alarm: automatic identification of the patient s ventilation status and abnormality and electronic alarm triggering;
2.12. Simple and quick calibration function at the user s end for easy maintenance and cost reduction;
2.13. Full Chinese interface for easy and quick operation
2.14. Clear arrangement and reasonable color collocation of the user operative interface; user s selection of his/her favorable interface color
2.15. Attribute page style without multi-level menus
2.16. LWD interface
2.17. Abundant indication information for easy parameter configuration;
2.18. Adult mode and baby mode available for easy parameter configuration; the doctor capable of inputting the patient s body weight and let the software select default value accordingly;
2.19. Powerful function: 48-hour trend and 1024 logs
2.20. Short starting self-check
2.21. Stand-by battery: ensuring the normal operation of the anesthesia apparatus in case of power failure
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