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ANSSEN Metallurgy Group Co.,Ltd

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Type: Manufacturer
Employees: 11-50
Area served:
  • Western Europe
  • North America
  • Eastern Asia
  • Mid East
  • Oceania
  • South America
  • Eastern Europe
  • Southeast Asia
  • Africa

Anssen metallurgy group co. Ltd is a fully integrative group who is dedicated to design, production, sales & service in both metallurgical and mechanical products & equipments.

01. Carbon and Graphite

L Graphite electrode

L Shock Absorber

L Lifting Plug

L Torque Wrench

L Electrode Paste

L Carbon additives (CPC, GPC, GEP)

02. CCM & Spare parts

L Copper mould tube

L Copper mould plate

L Water jacket

L Mould assembly

L Dummy bar

L Electromagnetic stirrer

L Continuous casting machine(C. C. M)

L ESR Crystallizer

03. ยบ C& O2 control, sampling

L Expendable Thermocouple

L Immerse sampler

L Digital temperature indicator

L Portable Digital Thermometer

L Thermocouple accessory

L Oxygen sensor (Probe)

L Multi-DIP Thermocouple

L Foundry sampler

L Sampling Spoon

04. Rolling mill Spare Parts

L Rolls

L TC Ring

L Roll Guide

L Gear Shaft & Gear Box

L Coupling Spindle

L Metallurgical Bearing

L Rolling Mill

L Continuous Casting Rolls

05. S. M. S. Consumables

L Oxygen Lance Pipe

L Alloyed Cored Wire

L Refractory Brick

L Slide Gate

L Tundish Nozzle

L Slag Pot

L Magnesia Ball

L Magnetite Fines for Coal Washing

06. Special Graphite

L Isostatic Graphite

L Vibrated Graphite

L Molded Graphite

L Extruded Graphite

L Graphite Crucible

L Carbon Fiber, Graphite Felt & CFC Materials

07. Foundry Consumable

L Air-arc Gouging Electrode

L Sampling Spoon

L Multi-DIP Thermocouple

L Liquid Iron Samplers

L Ingot Mould

08. Electric Motor


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January 12, 2018


Justin Liu
ANSSEN Metallurgy Group Co.,Ltd
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