Anti Glare Film

Anti Glare Film

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WeeTect Anti Glare Film (WAGF) is a Polyester film with anti-glare coating to avoid glare. It is one of the best anti-glare films with excellent scratch resistance (3H). WeeTect Anti Glare Film (WAGF) can be used for anti-glare screen protector, anti-glare lenses, anti-glare screen for laptop, anti-glare monitor, anti-glare window film and more.

WeeTect Anti Glare Film (WAGF) offers excellent anti-glare performance and anti-scratch properties as well as impact resistance, optical clarity. Compared with the other anti-glare film suppliers, WeeTect Anti Glare Film (WAGF) has better anti-glare and scratch resistant performance and more competitive price by sustainable polycarbonate scratch resistant coating technology. WeeTect is a perfect business partner for you as we only serve for business market with competitive price and sustainable quality.
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