Armored Visitation Phone SPQ-S-KT4

Armored Visitation Phone SPQ-S-KT4

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SPQ-S-KT4 Visitation Phone is designed for two primary applications. One is to serve as a visitation phone in jails or prisons. The other is for locations that need to accept incoming calls while preventing calls from being dialed out. Whether you use it in a warehouse, factory or correctional facility, it is the perfect choice as an unsupervised, built to last service phone.

1, telephone SUS304 stainless steel shell, we have years of experience in processing stainless steel, our phone body design and smooth lines, rounded corners, brushed surface, do not see any flaws, the whole high-grade appearance.2, the keyboard used in all zinc alloy, the service life >= 200 million times the intensity of 160-200 grams press. Waterproofing effect of up to IP67, feel good! Rugged.3, handle imported PC plastic, Teflon wire, using the military anti-noise transmitter.115dB environment in call clarity. A good seal. Waterproof IP67.4, hook switch using magnetic induction, life >= 50 million times.5, the preferred foreign brand components, high and low temperature testing after screening. Phone, good stability, strong anti-interference, in line with the national standard GB / T 15279-20026, waterproof performance, we have all of the unique design of the joints, even if the long rainfall, water is discharged through the diversion tank7, waterproof anti-corrosion effect, and can withstand industrial cleaning detergent for a long time does not rust8, Works with any standard telephone line

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