AROJET high-speed automatic paging machine

AROJET high-speed automatic paging machine

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detail parameters
automatic paging speed: 60 ~ 500 PCS/m
Rated voltage: 220 v / 50 hz
The machine power: 250 w
Weight: 100 kg
Installation dimensions: 1500 * 600 * 600 (mm) (length X width X height)
The belt width: 300 (mm)
applicable product range: length of 65-65 (mm) is adjustable
Width: 70-320 (mm) is adjustable
Thickness: 0.2 adjustable (can produce different specifications according to customer's requirement)
1, paging, high speed, high precision frequency conversion stepless speed regulation, high speed automatic paging 10-500 / minute, can greatly improve production efficiency
2, the structure design is reasonable, replacement parts, simple and quick, can reduce the maintenance cost.
3, the optional accessories: automatic feeder, paging machines, separate count down signal source
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