ART RF Dermatologist

ART RF Dermatologist

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NC-Biorad, based on advanced ART(Automatic Resistance Test) RF technology, acts on skin by radio frequency energy at 1.15MHz under the single or continuous energy output mode. Unique continuous cooling system, adjustable RF energy release rate and double cathodic pads prove safe, effective and comfortable wrinkle reduction, skin lifting and tightening treatments.

1 Mono-polar RF
The high frequency energy is delivered accurately to the dermis to ensure in-depth treatment.
2 Two treatment mode combination
The combination of single energy output and continuous energy output modes cooperatively creates ultimate results.
3 ART(Automatic Resistance Test) technology
The hand piece is installed with an inductor which measures skin resistance automatically during treatment, which assures energy output only occurs when the tip is fully in contact with skin.
4 Polar molecule vibration sync
1.15 MHz frequency can make strong sync vibration between ions and electriferous colloid granules, so the movement of ions and colloid granules create heat energy and raises the temperature of collagen.
5 Intellectualized epidermis cooling technology
The RF energy is delivered to the dermis while epidermis cooling system keeps the temperature of epidermis under 10c

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