Artifical ice skating sticks / ice hockey training equipment

Artifical ice skating sticks / ice hockey training equipment

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Our synthetic ice rink is recommended for indoor and outdoor use and performs beautifully in extreme hot and cold temperatures, enhance your hockey or figure skating training for less cost. As with Huao synthetic ice rink, any hockey playing, skating, play floorball, training, and it can be laied in kindergarten, primary school, public place, personal place.
  Our synthetic ice rink is offered the most popular DL dovetail contaction style which makes installation vand removal very quick and simple, use of the DL will allow for a wide variety of installation shapes to fit specific needs, and it can give you a safety glide environment.
  Our technology is one of the top of synthetic ice rink in China, and we can only sell our synthetic ice boards, we can take packaging services, and maybe you can be our agent tomorrow.
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