Asbestos Beneficiation Process

Asbestos Beneficiation Process

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Asbestos beneficiation process is divided into the ore preparation and sorting two parts.

1. Asbestos ore crushing process and asbestos ore crusher

Ore preparation section includes the crushing, screening, drying and pre-enrichment operations, whose mission is to met the inclusion of particle size and moisture requirements of ore sorting workshop. Generally two broken: the cycle or jaw crusher for coarse broken and a cone or counter-crushing machine for medium crushing. The broken ore that is less than 35 or 50mm are sent into horizontal cylindrical dryers or vertical drying oven for drying, making moisture less than 2%. Then the dried ore into the ore-positions. The pre-enrichment of the ore is usually by a screening method to remove low-grade coarse ore.
Impact crusher for its selective crushing effect, can effectively achieve the separation of the asbestos fibers and gangue and effectively protect the natural structure of the asbestos fibers . Therefore , it is widely used in asbestos mines in broken and multi-stage crushing process of exposing cotton. At present, the commonly used impact crusher are counter attack and vertical shaft hammer.

2. Asbestos ore grading and beneficiation machinery

Due to the special structure of the asbestos fibers, asbestos concentrator often uses special screening equipment for grading and sorting, such as flat shaking screen , plane cycle sieve, Plansifter, anti-flow sieve.

Asbestos ore Magnetic Separator
Asbestos ore magnetic separator can remove the magnetite from asbestos fibers. Magnetic separation in the asbestos beneficiation, is mainly for the initial enrichment, and the asbestos sorting is generally divided into three parts, the first phase is enriched discard some gangue , the second stage is a rough selection , separating asbestos fibers from the gangue, the third stage is selected, namely, to further remove the asbestos in the coarse and fine sand, dust, and press the fiber length graded.

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