Assembly Malt Silo

Assembly Malt Silo

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Detailed Product Description

1.Over 40 years experience and rich expertise;
2.Wide storing capacity range, 1~18000 tons for single silo;
3.The biggest sucessful story: half million tons of silo project in Algeria;
4.Effective global sales network;
5.For storing wheat,large capacity;
6.From intake,cleaning system,dryer,silo.

Features of Thermal Insulation Silo

1,Thermal insulation
Grain temperature change gradient inside silos is lower than that outside, thus not likely to have condensation of moisture.

2,Safe grain storage
Storing in a low temperature , increases the grain storage stability, keeps the grain quality and prolongs the safe-storage period

3,Low fabrication cost
With installing an insulation layer (polyurethane froth, rubber sponge,glass fiber etc.) on the outer wall ,insulation silo can have a low fabrication cost compared to concrete silo.

Features of assembly type steel silo

1, large capacity
One single-silo capacity is up to 18,000 tons with comprehensive configurations to meet customers' different requirements.

2, High accuracy
Complete advanced processing equipment and technology are introduced from USA to effectively ensure working accuracy and reduce damage to galvanized layer.

3, less residues
External installable stiffeners contribute to less grain residues on silo walls.

4, Detachable and movable
With standardized and modularized production, components and parts have a high standardization and good interchangeability, thus can be partially replaced or completely transferred.

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