ATEM-3 Transient Electromagnetic prospector

ATEM-3 Transient Electromagnetic prospector

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1. Ransient Electromagnetic Method (TEM) is a time-domain electromagnetic method , using ore and underground waters conductivity and magnetoconductivity difference as main substance base, then applies non-earthing loop or earthing line source to send first pulse magnetic field to ground according to electromagnetic induction theory;
2. Then in the gap uses coil or earthing electrode to observe second eddy field, and also study the space and time spread laws to search underground water and solve other geological problems.
3. And it is a new electromagnetic prospecting method. But the promotion was limit due to factors like high price, small transmission power, low efficiency, big transmission loop in deep exploration and hard to work with big transmit loop in complex landform.
4. Our RD department develops portable exponential decay type transient electromagnetic system with big currency supply. But capacitor pulse discharge will produce big currency, it is its shortage, also the reason that transmit wave form is not square, while attenuating wave with continuous attenuating and changing amplitude, the spectrum composition is very complex; the turn-off phase transition currency amplitude which is crucial to producing useful transient second field signals is much less than that of turn-on rise phase transition amplitude;
5. limited by capacitor storage energy, the transmit wave pulse width is small, so the deep survey is hard to carry out; It also can not send amplitude, continuous waves with same cycle and so on, therefore it is also not an ideal method.

Main Specifications
1. USB port data transmission is easy for human and device communication;
2. Supply a kind of portable electromagnetic system fit for complex geological conditions for geophysical prospecting and engineering detection.
3. Wire synchronization suit for complex geological condition;
4. IGBT bridge circuit to achieve high power, fast power off portable electromagnetic transmitter
5. High resolution receiver with float point magnify and FPGA technology

1. water reconnaissance and environment pollution monitoring etc.
2. Water prospecting, engineering exploration,

Technical Parameters:
Frequency range: power supply 1.25~125Hz(8 frequency points)
Power supply: DC 4V~150V
Rated output power: 3KW
Max output voltage: 150V
Max output current: 50A (continual), 70A (pulse)
Output waveform: 2 types (type0 and type1)
Close time: changing according to the load-wire.
Min. off time: 1.2us (only resistant load)
Synchronization model: wire synchronization
Dimensions: 360*250*250 mm
Weight: 9Kg

Dimensions: 324*210*230 mm
Weight: 7Kg (batteries not included)
Sampling frequency: max. 5us, optional.
Dynamic range: 156dB
Stacking fold 1 to 9999, optional
Belt-width: DC to 30 KHz
Synchronization model: wire synchronization

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